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Rome 56 Mashville by Megan Gazzo

If Jimmy Buffet and Ween were to have a baby and then have it raised by Tom Petty I think it would make this album Mashville by Rome 56. You get a touch of silliness with the main singer’s loopy voice. The guitar pinnings are tropical in nature and slightly country. Play along drums and contrived musical elements put forward focus to the vocals.  The first song "Sleight Of Hand" is country with the knee slapping sound mixed with some hand drum. A nasally vocal delivery and basic instrumentation give it a plastic almost humorous feel.

The next song  "Birthday Cake" really feels like Ween. Its goofy and addictive just like "Baby Bitch." It's frosty, fruity and fun.  It's one of those songs you hear at a bar that can't help but make the six people that are at the bar get up and dance with their partner. 

The sound fills a room with comfort due to its ironic almost kooky approach and the musicians obvious love for the music. There are some killer guitar solos but it's mostly a predictable song that's built for sing alongs. I haven't heard anything this Ween-esque ever. It's definitely exciting.

"Troubled Heart" is a song moves more into its country sounding territory. I would say that the majority of this album falls fully into country or rides the crest of it surfing a more Elvis Costello like element. The song "Whisper Away" feels like you are listening to Phish and explores the sparkly jam band side of this group. It's beautiful and expansive. This goes to show how the band can move into a vastness of sound, or keep it simple with their sing alongs. 

I like the means of which a listener can acquire so much imagery from this album. You can just feel the eccentric vibe through the microphone. I can see Hunter S Thompson sitting front row at one of these shows. Rome 56 is vintage yet new. It is yellow and weathered yet crisp and fresh. I love the old and new feeling almost as if it's been refurbished. Mashville is an album that shouldn't be passed up. It will surely ignite a child-like behavior in your soul and bring forth an unfamiliar feeling that seems to somehow be recurring. Embrace the nostalgia and listen to this piece. It will surely be a treat, especially if you love Ween like I do.
Megan Gazzo



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Rome 56 pop

As a writer of the hits "Tell Me Your Plans" and "Laugh And Walk Away" Arthur Lamonica was the key

composer of The Shirts. The American band had its heyday at the end of the Seventies.

Singer Annie Golden now has a career as TV actress and musical star on Broadway.

Lamonica always continued to make music. Many years low key in Rome 56.

He proves how good he is together with his wife Kathy on the CD Mashville, that was released this year. He plays a dozen beautiful pop songs. The instrumentations do occasionally make you think of the old times (of the Shirts). The lyrics are those of a man who knows life and also knows himself. The tone is optimistic and in terms of voice Lamonica sometimes sounds Dylanesque and occasionally as a drawling Costello. In short, pure, beautifully crafted songs. The album is available through Amazon, but also on Spotify and I-Tunes.


Wim van Leest


New York Press

1999’s Sacred Avenue was a beautiful collection of mature tunes that should’ve received the same accolades that critics wasted on the last three Elvis Costello albums. There are a lot of new Rome 56 songs that may never even get released, so don’t stay home and give When I Was Cruel one more try. Appearing at C-Note, 157 Ave. C (10th St.), 212-677-8142; 8, $5.

Trouser Press

Shirts guitarist/vocalist Artie Lamonica turned up back on CBGB's stage, filling one side of a live cassette with his solo debut. Supported by a skilled quartet and bearing traces of Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan and Dion in his voice, Jing makes a credible, well-recorded showing. Four of the same songs turn up again on the eponymous studio album, a not unpleasant anachronism that has its roots in '70s new wave, Brill Building pop and the same mixture of '60s rock and soul that informed Springsteen's early records. Ira Robbins - Trouser Press

Good Times

The sybiotically sizzling twin guitars of Artie Lamonica and Ron Ardito lift the group (The Shirts) into another league